Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery Instrument Systems Installation & Commissioning Project

Location: Bandar Abbas

Client: Petrochemical Industries Erection & Construction Company

Start Date: 2014

Completion Date: 2017

Duration: 36 Months

Dena Energy Group Scope: Installation and commissioning of instrument systems


Bandar Abbas Refinery, constructed in an area of 7 square kilometers near the city of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran, is one of the largest refineries in the Middle East and the only modern refinery for refining heavy crude oil in Iran and the Middle East.

The nominal and operational capacity of this refinery is about 350,000 BPD of crude oil and gas condensate, which includes 18% of Iran’s petroleum products.

The feed of this refinery includes light crude oil, heavy crude oil and gas condensate from Sarkhoon and Asaluyeh gas sources.

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