22 & 24 Phases of South Pars Solar Cell Systems and Cathodic Protection Project

Location: Asaluyeh

Client: Petrosina Aria Company

Start Date: 2013

Completion Date: 2014

Duration: 18 Months

Dena Energy Group Scope: Installation of solar cell and cathodic protection systems


South Pars Gas Complex Company is the largest gas company in Iran that have been created for refining natural gas from the South Pars gas field, the largest independent gas reservoir in the world, located in the Persian Gulf.

 The company, located in the cities of Asaluyeh, Kangan and Tonbak, is a complex of 14 gas refineries and 24 available phases.

The 13th South Pars refinery consists of phases 22, 23 and 24, which include units of extraction, purification and sweetening of gas, stabilization of liquids and gas condensate, separation of gas and gaseous liquids – methane, separation of gas and gaseous liquids – ethane and sulfur recycling.

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